Dwight Raum

VP and Chief Technology Officer
Johns Hopkins Health System

Dwight Raum is vice president and chief technology officer of Johns Hopkins Health System. Hired in 2001, his early tenure focused on solutions for identity management, security, and enterprise portal. As Johns Hopkins began to consolidate business and IT systems across the University and Health System, Dwight’s roles and responsibilities grew to encompass shared IT infrastructures, such as: datacenters, cloud, and networking. Despite this expanded role, Dwight maintains a keen interest in technology, and regularly engages with systems engineers and architects to develop solutions.

In 2013, Dwight was named the chief technology officer for both Johns Hopkins University and Health System. Dwight and Paul Nagy cofounded the Technology Innovation Center in 2014, with Dwight serving as the executivedDirector. The TIC serves as a hub, drawing together innovative faculty and partnering them with technical experts to develop solutions while leveraging the health system’s infrastructure platform. Over the past several years, the TIC has developed many new applications and collaborated with emerging healthcare startups. In late 2016, Dwight began efforts to develop a new big data, precision medicine platform as part of HopkinsInHealth. Dwight holds a B.S. in Management Science from Virginia Tech.

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