Deanna Larson

CEO, Avera eCARE
Avera Health
Deanna Larson, CEO of Avera eCARE has over a decade of leadership experience within Avera Health's integrated health system, based in Sioux Falls, S.D. For the past seven years, Deanna has expanded Avera eCARE's virtual health system to extend healthcare access to over 340 communities in 14 states, serving hospitals, clinics, long-term care communities, correctional facilities, schools and directly to consumers. In 2009, Avera eCARE was awarded the American Telemedicine Association President's Award for Health Delivery, Quality and Transformation. With Deanna's vision and leadership, Avera eCARE has transformed healthcare delivery by improving recruitment and retention of providers, increasing access to needed healthcare services, and enhancing quality, while decreasing costs. Deanna's experience includes multiple nursing leadership roles in the areas of acute care, critical care, behavioral health, long-term care, home care, and spent over 15 years as the VP of Quality Innovation for Avera Health.