David I. Hay

Product Strategist
Orion Health
David is a Product Strategist for Orion Health. He is active in the international standards community as the chair emeritus of HL7 New Zealand and is a co-chair of the FHIR Management Group, charged with development of the latest HL7 standard. David graduated from medical school, then moved into the Health IT sector. He developed Practice Management Software for primary care, which was the first program in New Zealand to receive electronic laboratory results. He then moved to work as a Solutions Architect for a services management organization, producing a number of solutions: an internal eReferrals application, a community based Case Management solution, plus an application to track and report on clinical tasks within the hospital. All of these applications remain in current use today. He also participated in a number of national programs, including the medical records transfer project GP2GP, ePrescribing, and was one of the authors of the Interoperability Reference Architecture that governs information flow within the health sector. He currently serves on the Health Information Standards Organization (HISO) committee, which provides technical advice on standards to the New Zealand Digital Advisory Board. He has provided outstanding leadership towards helping to create and evangelize the innovative FHIR standard, and frequently writes about FHIR on his blog fhirblog.com and has developed a range of open source tools widely used to educate developers of FHIR clinfhir.com. David has spent many years professionally and personally designing, educating, and advising on health informatics. In recognition of this David has been awarded the Excellence in Health Informatics award 2016 by ITx New Zealand. His ongoing commitment to FHIR has helped to provide the momentum needed for international adoption. FHIR represents a major standards upgrade that will boost access to health information, which will improve the access to a patient’s health information globally.