Daniel Linskey

Former Chief of Police Department Incident Commander
Boston Police Department
Superintendent-in-Chief Linskey began his career with the Boston Police Department on November 24, 1986. He graduated at the top of his class earning the prestigious Hogan Award for academic excellence, at the age of twenty. Chief Linskey rose through the ranks as a Detective, Sergeant, Sergeant Detective, Lieutenant, Lieutenant Detective, Deputy Superintendent, and Superintendent, before being promoted to the rank of Superintendent-in-Chief the highest sworn member of the Boston Police Department. He spent a large portion of his career in the Drug Control Unit serving at different ranks. His other assignments have included the police academy as a Criminal Law instructor, the Dignitary Protection& Security Unit as the unit commander as well as commander of the Special Police Division. When his Marine Corps Reserve Unit was activated for Operation Desert Storm/Shield he served six months on active duty. On April 15th Chief Linskey was the Incident Commander for the Boston Marathon. He oversaw the response to the bombings, including the evacuation of the injured, securing of the scene and the stabilizing of the city while overseeing the investigation which was being conducted by the FBI, Boston Police, and State Police He was the first commander on scene during the April 19th shootout in Watertown Massachusetts that saw terrorists exchanging gunfire and throwing bombs at responding officers. He was the incident commander who oversaw the unprecedented lockdown of the metropolitan Boston area and the manhunt that lead to the arrest and capture of the terrorists responsible for the Marathon bombings, in one of the largest and most complicated law enforcement events ever in the region.