Cree Gaskin, MD

Professor, Vice Chair and ACMIO
University of Virginia Health System
Dr. Cree Gaskin is a tenured professor of radiology at the University of Virginia Health System (UVAHS). In addition to practicing musculoskeletal radiology, he serves as Vice-Chair of Informatics and Operations, Division Director of Musculoskeletal Imaging, and Associate Chief Medical Information Officer. Since 2009, Dr. Gaskin has led the design and optimization of the Radiology Information System at UVAHS. His expertise in the use of electronic health records in radiology has led to numerous extramural consultations, site visits and invited national speaking engagements. Dr. Gaskin has commercialized three software applications which provide decision support during medical image interpretation of the maturing brain and skeleton. He has also published three books, nine invited chapters and 38 peer-reviewed manuscripts.