Christopher Gutmann

Director of Clinical Engineering, Integration, and RTLS
Yale New Haven Health System
As the Yale New Haven Health System Director of Clinical Engineering, Chris Gutmann provides leadership in capital planning, the total cost of ownership, TeleMedicine, medical device security and expansion of IoT strategy. As an active member of the patient experience committee, he looks to build teams that bring innovative ideas to reality for the community to feel comfortable in their healthcare. As a Biomedical Engineer through academic training, Chris uses process improvement techniques to build systems of people, technology, and culture to achieve value across the continuum of care. In the shifting marketplace of healthcare, Mr. Gutmann consults in redesigning service delivery for some of the largest Fortune 100 medical device companies to advising incubator/startup companies to adjust their technology in ways to solve the healthcare “why?” With previous speaking engagements for large corporations, ACCE, NESCE, HIMSS, Department of Veterans Affairs, and Universities, Chris Gutmann looks to communicate and promote how engineers can innovate and create the multifaceted systems healthcare needs for greater safety through automation.