Carlos Pedrotti, MD, MBA

Clinical Staff Supervisor
Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein
Dr. Carlos Pedrotti is a medical doctor graduated by São Paulo University Medical School, Brazil, considered one of the best medical schools in Latin America. Completed his medical training in Internal Medicine and Cardiology at the São Paulo University Heart Institute, one of the greatest cardiology centres in the south hemisphere, and in 2011 completed his MBA in Healthcare Management. Since 2009 dr. Pedrotti works at the Emergency Department of Hospital Albert Einstein, the largest private, non-profit, healthcare institution in Latin America. In 2012 started as a staff member of the recently created Telemedicine Center, initially focused on Urgency and Emergency Care by Videoconference. In the following six years, dr. Pedrotti participated actively in the development of dozens of different Telehealth projects, accounting for more than 50 thousand telemedicine visits only in 2017. Now, as clinical staff supervisor, dr. Pedrotti is responsible for the management of multiple care teams and continuous growth of the now considered a major Telehealth player in South America.
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