Bryan Taylor

Care Transformation Consultant
Bryan Taylor has experience as a health, safety, environmental professional, an RN, and a nurse practitioner; experiencing the many facets of health challenges in settings ranging from the hospital to the workplace. Bryan began his early career as an environmental, health, and safety professional at Halliburton Energy Services and Marathon Oil, which gave him an introduction to the variety of influences on an individuals’ health and needs both at work and home. This sparked the desire to learn more about the multiple factors influencing the health of the individual as a whole and how this impacts consumption and delivery of care. As an RN Bryan worked in both emergency and critical care units. As an NP Bryan has worked in family practice/primary care; orthopedics and surgery; hospice; home based care; and has been assistant medical director of an occupational medicine company. Bryan currently works for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana as a care transformation consultant with a main focus on telemedicine delivery. He also still keeps up clinical practice part time in a busy urgent care and occupational medicine clinic in South Louisiana.