Bob Calco

Chief Architect
Apex Data Solutions, LLC.
  • Seasoned enterprise architect and a proven software innovator with over 20+ years of experience designing, building and leading teams to deliver large-scale enterprise solutions in healthcare, financial services, and retail sectors.
  • Primary visionary and architect for the VistA.js platform within the VA, a Class 1 enterprise microservices framework that enabled data federation and reconciliation across the VA's 154 hospitals, and was used to develop a unique Medication Reconciliation solution incorporating data from multiple VistA instances in a collaborative, real-time web-based user experience.
  • That experience (good, bad and ugly) drives his vision for the Apex Unify! Platform and Apex DomainMaster consumer product, in support of interoperability as an architectural, vs. API-driven, solution, powered by blockchain, with identity management as a first-class concern.
  • Currently working on a demonstration of these products in the Provider Data Management/Provider Directories problem space, as well as in Medication Reconciliation.