Betsy Allen-Manning

Motiv8u Enterprises
Featured on FOX, CBS, ABC & NBC, Betsy Allen-Manning is one of the top Leadership Success Speakers in Dallas TX, a best selling author, TEDx Presenter and human behavior expert. She's worked as a manager for multi-billion dollar corporations; training staff for the Golden Globe Events & Wynn Hotels. Betsy helps leaders become an expert on their most important asset…their people; equipping them with proven strategies for dealing with difficult people, becoming 3x more productive and her 'Secret Sauce' is giving leaders the ability to read the predictable behavioral patterns of others so they can communicate in a way that produces better results. Companies that have experienced Betsy are BMW, Toshiba, TSA & The U.S. Department of Defense. Betsy is one of the most in demand trainers on DISC and Personality Styles and a top John Maxwell certified speaker in Dallas TX; which combined with her own leadership programs, has put her in a position to bring top leadership development programs and cutting edge communication & human behavior techniques to organizations nationwide. Betsy also traveled the world for over 12 years as a professional singer; which has helped her in delivering the 3 H’s of successful presentations: High energy, High engagement & High-level content.