Becky J Garner

Admissions/Scheduling Supervisor
Madison Memorial Hospital
Becky Garner has been working at Madison Memorial Hospital since 1998. She first started as an admitting clerk nights and weekends and then shortly after became a full time admitting clerk. A few years later, Becky moved to the billing department and was a biller. Shortly after that, she moved into the admitting supervisor job and about a year ago became the supervisor for the Central Scheduling department as well. Madison Memorial Hospital is currently implementing Cerner CommunityWorks and Becky has been the lead for registration and scheduling. In this role, she works with all departments of the hospital, as admitting and scheduling affects all aspects of a patient’s visit to the hospital. Becky has also worked closely with her co-presenter, Sally Haws, with the interface for Logical Ink and MedEx and moving forward with electronic signatures for all consent forms hospital and clinic wide.