Ari Basil-Wagner

Director of Organizational Development
Greater Oregon Behavioral Health, Inc.
Ari Basil-Wagner is the Director of Organizational Development for Greater Oregon Behavioral Health, Inc (GOBHI). One focus of her research is to conduct data analysis and identify trends in health care needs which cross over physical health, mental health, addictions and the oral health care systems. Her data helps guide health care integration planning processes. As a project facilitator, she also works with groups to develop their strategic plans for health care integration. That work includes developing participatory evaluation designs to track the impact of health care integration on system improvements, patient health outcomes and cost improvements. Ari works to identify evidence based practices in behavioral health settings and adoption or enhanced utilization of those services by community providers. In addition, she has leveraged over $40 million in grants for Oregon communities. Those grants include demonstration projects for which she served as the principal investigator or co-investigator on each respective grant’s research component. She has a Masters of Science in Public Policy, Planning and Management with a concentration in program evaluation from the University of Oregon and has been a social service researcher and project facilitator for the past twenty-seven years. Her scope of research and project development has focused on system improvements or reform in health integration, behavioral health, public health, juvenile corrections and senior services. Her work in corrections focused on the relationship between behavioral health needs and delinquency. In addition, she has served as an adjunct professor at Southern Oregon University’s Department of Criminology. She also serves as a program consultant and has presented at numerous national conferences on evidence based programming and cost efficiencies. She is a co-author on the book, “Dispatches From Juvenile Hall: Fixing a Failing System,” Penguin 2009 (under previous name, Linda Wagner).