Anthony D. Begando

Chief Executive Officer
Professional Credentials Exchange, LLC
Anthony builds and develops high functioning companies, internal operations, and creates solutions to very complex problems. He has developed and led numerous ventures ranging from healthcare software companies, consulting firms, outsourcing operations, and tech-enabled service businesses. He has had the opportunity to serve clients ranging from the military, Fortune 500 firms, major health systems, middle-market ventures, growth-stage firms, and ground-zero start-ups. Over the past 18 years, Anthony has worked closely with some of the largest healthcare organizations in the US to develop or reengineer their credentialing and practitioner management operations. While his work was very successful, he and his colleagues were frustrated by the lack of industry-level solutions to share verified credentials information by and between members of the healthcare market. As a result, virtually any organization that either delivers or pays for healthcare services redundantly and repetitively collects, verifies, and maintains this data-- creating significant transactional friction between market constituents. Building upon a technology platform that Anthony's firm Tenon Consulting initially developed for supporting their work managing credentialing and mobilization support for the military, he and his colleagues developed a joint venture with Hashed Health to form the Professional Credentials Exchange (ProCredEx). This platform leverages advanced data science, AI/machine learning, and blockchain technology to create network infrastructure that allows all members of the healthcare industry to exchange verified credentials information in a secure and reliable method-- significantly reducing the time, cost, effort, and redundancy currently involved in performing this work across the industry.