Annemieke Ålenius

Head of Division
Swedish E-Health Agency
Annemieke Ålenius is Head of the Division for Coordination and Strategy. The main task of this division is to co-ordinate the Swedish governmental efforts to realize its vision to be, by 2025, best in the World in applying digital solutions in care. International co-operation and monitoring are two important means used by the Division, as well as performing investigations and providing facilitating arenas to exchange knowledge and experiences in the field of e-Health.
Annemieke has also long experience of Regional Co-operation in Health and providing innovative possiblities. She has been the Chief Administrative Officer for the Uppsala University Hospital for 13 years and utterly 5 years been responsible for the regional Medical record. She has a wide international experience from international co-operation within the OECD as well as the EU.
Annemieke is Dutch but has lived for more than 30 years in Sweden.