Amanda James

Telehealth Clinical Coordinator
Medical University of South Carolina
Amanda James, received her BSN degree from Medical University of South Carolina College of Nursing in December of 2010. After spending four years as a critical care nurse in the Medical Intensive Care Unit, she realized her passion for in patient care was to become a Clinical Informatics Analyst. In February 2015, Amanda joined the Medical University of South Carolina’s Training, Informatics and Clinical Excellence (TICE) Team. Ms. James is a leader in nursing practice, clinical informatics, and telehealth initiatives. She is truly a patient advocate, ensuring that nursing best practices are consistently supported by clinical information systems, and regularly engaging in patient safety initiatives, both at the bedside and in the IT setting. Ms. James currently serves as a Telehealth Clinical Coordinator, working tirelessly to illustrate that telehealth technology directly impacts clinical outcomes using evidence-based research and interdisciplinary collaboration. As a result, Amanda just recently received the Palmetto Gold Nurse Recognition and Scholarship Program in the state of South Carolina.
Amanda James, BSN, RN is presenting at: