Aashima Gupta

Director, Global Healthcare Solutions, Google Cloud
Google, Inc

As a Director of Global Healthcare Solutions at Google Cloud, Aashima sets direction for transformative healthcare solutions. She leads engagement with healthcare key executives, helping to redesign their business strategies to define new models for care, revenue generation and improved patient experiences. Her unique experience driving change in healthcare settings at Kaiser Permanente for several years, her presence at the frontier of technology innovations in Google Cloud Healthcare and Life Sciences, among many of her other contributions, are extremely valuable as healthcare continues to grow and evolve.


·  Leads solutions to substantially improving patient care and experience by incorporating strategic technology elements of Open APIs, artificial intelligence and Cloud technologies.

·  Launched FHIR accelerator, Apigee’s Health APIx, advancing the use of API technologies to enable healthcare’s digital transformation and drive interoperability and standards adoption via FHIR APIs.

·  Worked as a trusted advisor to the CIO of The Chilean Health Ministry for building a technical architecture to create a nationwide API-based connectivity that helps secure access to patient information, regardless of whether it’s needed in one of Chile’s 1,000 remote medical facilities or in one of its connected health centers.

·  Led Digital Health Incubations at Kaiser Permanente; drove innovation through the convergence of various digital technologies. Focusing on lifestyle integration leveraging wearables, and devices, reinventing care delivery for chronic condition management for diabetes.

·  Long standing association in HIMSS since 2010, as an attendee and a thought leader.

·  Founder of GirlsInTek, an initiative to ignite girl’s innovative talent and interest in computer science.