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Leveraging Electronic Health Records to Discover Effective Care Coordination Practice Patterns

10:30am - 11:30am Tuesday, February 12
Orlando - Orange County Convention Center


Healthcare institutions are increasingly investing in patient centered care team models to encourage greater communication, collaboration and coordination among providers to improve care. However, the development of care team models is still in its infant phase. Team models designed by healthcare institutions seldom quantify specific communications between providers. In addition, they can easily miss collaborations occurring across providers, those that occur on an ad-hoc basis or those that take place virtually, via a reading of other providers’ notes in electronic format. A greater understanding of those ad-hoc basis or virtual collaborations is an essential prerequisite to developing richer care team models. This unique session offers a data-driven framework that relies on social network analysis along with electronic health records (EHRs) to infer provider interaction networks, matches of patient medical needs to care teams and clinical impacts of different care team models.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Describe how to use social network analysis along with electronic health records to show communication, collaboration and coordination patterns between providers
  • Identify how to patient medical needs to right care teams to ensure patient centered care works most effectively
  • Measure clinical and financial impacts of different care team models to identify team patterns representing good practice in the implementation of patient centered care


Assistant Professor,
Vanderbilt University


Data Scientist
Management Engineer and Process Improvement Prof.