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The Tools Are Not Enough: Leveraging Your Human Sensor Network

1:15pm - 2:00pm Tuesday, March 10
Orlando - Orange County Convention Center
Hall A - Booth 400 - Cybersecurity Theater B


With an increasing shortage in skilled cybersecurity professionals estimated at roughly three million worldwide, organizations are evolving their toolkits to include a broader and broader array of solutions.  In a world where the tools are plentiful and professionals scarce, front-line staff and physicians can either be your weakest link, or your last and best line of defense. 

Learning Objectives

  • Outline one organization’s experience in building its security program around a critical element: it’s staff and physicians
  • Describe how targeted, customized content and engagement of clinical leadership contributed to increased staff and physician cyber-awareness
  • Highlight common pitfalls in designing cyber-education for staff and physicians


Director (Information & Communications Technology),
Halton Healthcare