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Telehealth and Rising Demand for Behavioral Healthcare

10:00am - 11:00am Thursday, February 14
Orlando - Orange County Convention Center


Demand for behavioral healthcare is increasing, but a national shortage of psychiatrists is limiting access to such services, particularly in rural areas. Telehealth is already helping to meet the growing demand. Yet telepsychiatry remains relatively new, and relevant laws and regulations vary from state to state. Drawing on the nation’s largest repository of private healthcare claims data, this session will illuminate the most relevant trends and patterns related to behavioral telehealth, including such aspects as utilization, diagnoses, procedures and costs, as well as geographic and demographic factors. Analysis of claims data to study telehealth in connection with behavioral health can inform public policy formulation and private sector decision-making.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Discuss the role of telehealth in meeting growing, unmet demand for behavioral healthcare
  • Identify major trends and patterns in use of telehealth for behavioral healthcare as shown by analysis of private claims data
  • Describe how claims data analysis can be used to study behavioral telehealth in support of public and private sector decision making


Chief Clinical Officer,
FAIR Health


Government or Public Policy Professional
Public Health Practitioner