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Technology and the Human Connection: A Personal Perspective

3:45pm - 4:30pm Monday, February 11
Orlando - Orange County Convention Center


As the nurse’s role continues to evolve and expand and the use of technology becomes pervasive, nurses must forge a human connection with patients and their families. Hear from a speaker who will share her perspective of her husband’s last days in the intensive care unit and stress the need for clinicians to prioritize the patient experience. This session will make the case that quality and safety will improve when the medical establishment truly prioritizes patient and family engagement.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Describe how promoting well-being and positive patient experiences is part of building a Culture of Health in the United States
  • Outline the business case for enhancing the patient experience and share best practices for improving the patient experience
  • Describe ways to reduce caregiver suffering at the individual, team, organizational and systems level


Senior Adviser for Nursing, and director, Campaign for Action,


Nurse, CNO, CNIO