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Harnessing AI to meet RCM’s Toughest Challenges

2:05pm - 2:35pm Monday, March 9
Orlando - Rosen Centre
Rosen Centre Junior Ballroom F
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Artificial intelligence’s usage has been surging across all industries, and healthcare is no exception.  But how can AI be leveraged to address the unique challenges of healthcare providers’ revenue cycle operations?  This session delves into several of the most taxing issues facing revenue cycle today.


The presentation will include discussion on using AI to ensure the clarity and completeness of clinical documentation, which is a fundamental to the integrity and performance of the revenue cycle.  In addition the session will focus specifically on how AI can be harnessed to:


·         Help improve accuracy and efficiency with medical necessity determinations

·         Reduce clinical denials

·         Improve value base care performance and quality reporting




VP Technology - NLP Innovation,


Healthcare Financial Professionals