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Solving the Information and Technology Investment Paradox: Do More with Less?

4:15pm - 5:15pm Tuesday, February 12
Orlando - Orange County Convention Center


Operational budgets are leaner than ever, and the margin pressure will only escalate as M&A consolidation continues and non-traditional entrants like Amazon compete for the shrinking healthcare dollar. Health system leaders must focus their attention on information and technology costs and driving maximum value for information and technology investments. Traditional cost reduction measures may help initially, but long-term controls must be in place. A foundational component of effective IT cost management is a combination of governance and demand management. Many think of governance as unnecessary overhead that brings little value to the organization; however, using a simplified approach to demand management that drives governance decision-making will help an organization ensure smart IT decisions are made and control costs for the long-term. This session will show how the University of Washington did just that. Join this session to help your organization bring the highest return to the organization; while keeping IT costs at bay.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Create a simplified approach to demand management that drives governance decision-making
  • Design and deploy processes that will help your organization meet budget expectations, make the right decisions on new information and technology investments, instill information and technology investment decision-making back to operations, and promote effective IT cost management for the long-term
  • Identify and establish the tools necessary for success, including dashboards for governance councils
  • Create, conduct and test a pilot portfolio to ensure success with a governance deployment


Project Management Office Director,
University of Washington Medicine (UW Medicine)
The Chartis Group


IT Professional