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Precision Medicine's "Last Mile" Problem

2:10pm - 2:45pm Monday, February 11
Orlando - Rosen Centre
Rosen Centre Executive Ballroom H
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The application of data and computer science to medical research is yielding insights leading to earlier diagnosis, calibrated treatment, lower costs and the potential for healthier populations. Academic medicine leads this transformation, enabled by high fidelity data capture in clinical practice, big-data technology and multi-disciplinary research. Yet, this isn't enough.

Interventions are meaningless if physicians don't practice them. While many physician researchers practice what is learned, impact is limited to the patients they see. Scaling precision medicine tools to all of those who can benefit requires a one-of-a-kind alignment between payers, providers and research institutions. In this presentation, Johns Hopkins CTO Dwight Raum will discuss how they transform care in nine clinical areas both within the health system and across the care continuum.

Learning Objectives

Research and innovation in precision medicine is meaningless if it's not practical for the provider/patient workflow.
Developing a practice of personalized care requires alignment from provider, payor, and research orgs to make it practical and scalable.
Precision medicine has the ability to scale and be implemented even at a community level


VP and Chief Technology Officer,
Johns Hopkins Health System


Chief Quality, Chief Clin Transformation Officer