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Automation Drives Access and Success in Today’s Rev Cycle

11:30am - 12:00pm Monday, February 11
Orlando - Rosen Centre
Rosen Centre Grand D


In today's society, technological advances are replacing manual transactions with automation, and it is no different within healthcare organizations. Self-arrival technology, electronic wallets, self-service price estimates, self-service payment plans, and full-service mobile apps are all part of these developments.

In recent years, as UPMC’s Vice President of Revenue Cycle Karen Shaffer-Platt will discuss in this session, patient responsibility has drastically increased, which means making it easier for patients to access and pay their medical bills is of growing importance to healthcare organizations, along with consumer demand for ease of scheduling and access to their clinical care plans.

Learning Objectives
• How to utilize self-service technology to your company's advantage.
• How to create ease of use for your patients.
• Best practices for technology advances within the revenue cycle
This session is part of a special program called HIMSS19 Revenue Cycle Solutions Summit. Extra fees and separate registration is required.


VP/Director of Patient Accounting/Billing/Revenue Cycle,


Healthcare Financial Professionals