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Regional Health-Data Sharing Extends to Food and Nutrition

4:15pm - 5:15pm Tuesday, February 12
Orlando - Orange County Convention Center


Nutritional support is fast becoming one of the most recognized social determinants for success of medical care. But such support depends on accessing prompt updates on client health status. MANNA, the national-leading, Philadelphia-based nutritional therapy service for the homebound ill has teamed with its regional health information exchange, HealthShare Exchange (HSX), to give the food alliance the advantage of daily updates on healthcare developments of its served individuals. Encounter notifications and access to a clinical data repository based on an MPI of more than seven million patients puts MANNA dieticians in a new position as more-informed members of the healthcare team, allowing them to adjust diets, delivery schedules and counseling in near real time. With its proven ability to improve health and healthcare costs, MANNA has expanded its footprint, gained media attention and become a model across the country. Health information exchange will now enhance these results.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Recognize the importance of nutrition to healthcare outcomes
  • Describe the role of MANNA and similar nutrition-support services for significantly ill, economically disadvantaged individuals
  • Identify the challenges inherent for such community-service organizations in staying up to date on their clients’ medical statuses
  • Recognize how a health information exchange (HIE) can help such organizations in receiving and accessing recent medical information on the patients they serve
  • List the prospective outcomes and benefits of partnerships between HIEs and nutrition support services in such areas as client health, service efficiency and lowered healthcare costs


Healthshare Exchange of Southeastern Pennsylvania,
Chief Executive Officer,


IT Professional
Population Health Management Professional
Public Health Practitioner