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Optimizing Health Information Technology to Promote Opioid Stewardship

11:30am - 12:30pm Wednesday, February 13
Orlando - Orange County Convention Center


In the midst of the national opioid epidemic, many organizations are still early in the development of their opioid stewardship efforts. Truman Medical Centers has empowered a leader within the Pharmacy team to expand the institutions pain management and opioid stewardship services. The pharmacist uses the EHR to review inpatient orders triggered by targeted drug reports, focusing on scheduled and long-acting opioid medications. This approach has led to safer administration of opioids and safer prescribing behaviors. Intermountain Healthcare has established a collaborative clinical/technical team focused on improving opioid safety across the organization. Multiple technical solutions have been or are being implemented. These include interventions designed to 1) identify patients at high risk of opioid induced respiratory depression, 2) reduce over-prescribing of opiates for acute pain, and 3) increase safety in ordering and administering opiates in hospital settings.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Outline the development of a pharmacist-led inpatient pain management and opioid stewardship service
  • Identify how the EHR can play a pivotal role in your pain management program
  • Identify examples of decision support solutions designed to increase opioid safety how one or more of the ideas shared may be beneficial to your own organization


Informatics Medical Director,
Intermountain Healthcare
Clinical Lead Pharmacist, Pain Management,
Truman Medical Centers


Clinical Informaticists
Pharmacy Professional
Public Health Practitioner