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Perioperative Care, Enhanced Recovery After Surgery and Reducing Opioid Dependency

10:00am - 11:00am Monday, February 11
Orlando - Orange County Convention Center


Hear from an organization that has implemented a standardized patient care process for patients with removal of part of their large intestines call Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS). The ERAS protocol allows peri-op nurses to work to the top of their licensure, including the use of epidurals instead of administering opioids during patient recovery from surgery. Length of stay for ERAS colorectal patients has decreased 28% since the beginning of 2015. The ERAS protocol process has been extended to nine other surgical procedures – from prostatectomies to nephrectomies, where similar decreases in readmission rates and complications have also been seen.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Illustrate how to enhance care coordination by capturing discrete data of patient surgical status and sharing across the care continuum
  • Discuss how to leverage pre-visit planning and monitor care plan compliance to prevent surgical complications
  • Outline the benefits to utilizing standard orders for epidurals instead of opioids in peri-op process
  • Discuss how to improve patient education and outcomes through administering ERAS specific video educational content prior to the surgical procedure


Clinical Informaticists
Pharmacy Professional