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NEHI presentation on Health Care Without Walls

3:00pm - 3:45pm Wednesday, March 7
Las Vegas - Sands Convention Center
Level 2 | Lobby C


NEHI Presents Health Care Without Walls

Unprecedented opportunities exist to move health care into the 21st century through a more distributed system of delivering care in homes, work sites, and communities. What challenges must be overcome to enable it?

  • Susan Dentzer, President and CEO, NEHI

  • Severence MacLaughlin, Global Head for Artificial Intelligence and Data Sciences in Healthcare & Life Sciences, and Head, Artificial Intelligence Learning Institute and Cognizant Academy of Data Sciences, Cognizant Technology Solutions
  • Barbara DeBuono, Vice President, Clinical Strategy & Value Based Care, 3M Health Information Systems
  • Amit Rastogi, Senior Vice President for Strategy, Growth and Innovation, Inova Health System
  • Andrea Clegg, Chief Financial Officer, Advanced ICU Care

    Program contact: Lauren Choi, VP of Policy Partnerships at