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Navigating Multi-Hospital, Episode-Based Care Delivery

4:00pm - 5:00pm Thursday, February 14
Orlando - Orange County Convention Center


As providers transition to a value-based operating model, hospitals and integrated delivery networks have varying levels of readiness to achieve success. The Florida-based Adventist Health System is among the providers working on episode-based bundled payment models with Premier Inc. They combined an intensive 16-hospital process improvement program with the data analytics capabilities needed to make dramatic gains in performance. The health system has seen a nearly 20% decrease in 90-day readmissions and discharges to skilled nursing facilities and up to a 17% decrease in acute hospital length of stay. It has also received in excess of $500,000 in reconciliation payments for its performance in the Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement program. This session provides an overview of the challenges multi-hospital providers face in creating an integrated, data-driven episode-based care model and the capabilities needed to ensure financial and operational success.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Assess episode-based care delivery modeling for a total joint-bundled payment program
  • Identify analytics capabilities, education, training and process improvements needed across multi-hospital teams
  • Discuss claims analytics data optimization for bundled payment program
  • Recognize challenges with limited data that led to development of a real-time internal bundled payment analytic tool
  • Restate the benefit of standardized data and analytical support for a multi-hospital organization to achieve success with bundled payments


Senior Bundled Payment Engineer,
Adventist Health System
Vice President,
Premier, Inc.


Chief Quality, Chief Clin Transformation Officer
Population Health Management Professional
Quality Professional