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Medical Device Cybersecurity Incident Preparedness/Response

1:00pm - 2:00pm Thursday, February 14
Orlando - Orange County Convention Center


The healthcare sector knows how to prepare for and respond to natural disasters; it is less prepared to handle cybersecurity incidents. Global cyberattacks like WannaCry have highlighted the need for more robust cybersecurity preparedness to ensure a real-time response that enables continuity of clinical operations. The FDA, in partnership with the MITRE Corporation, has championed two initiatives to improve medical device cybersecurity incident preparedness and response: (1) the development and use of a medical device cybersecurity sandbox to enable security research and technical evaluation of medical device vulnerabilities and potential mitigations across Health Delivery Organizations (HDOs), medical device manufacturers and the FDA, and (2) the development of a regional medical device cybersecurity incident preparedness and response playbook. This session will explain medical device cybersecurity preparedness and response challenges and describe the sandbox and playbook initiatives.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Describe some of the challenges a Health Delivery Organization (HDO) may face in responding to a cybersecurity incident potentially affecting one or more of its medical devices
  • Identify regional entities an HDO may collaborate with in preparing for and responding to a medical device cybersecurity incident
  • Discuss some of the ways that HDOs and device manufacturers can improve medical device cybersecurity incident preparedness and response


Associate Director for Science & Strategic Partnerships,
Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Senior Principal Cybersecurity Engineer,
The MITRE Corporation


Clinical Informaticists
IT Professional