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Managing Multi-Site Workflow in the Era of Consolidation

8:30am - 9:30am Thursday, February 14
Orlando - Orange County Convention Center


Healthcare enterprises are rapidly consolidating to leverage economies of scale and address new regulatory and reimbursement requirements. Streamlining their radiology operations over multiple sites to better use their combined resources to produce cost-effective, high-quality reports in time to affect medical decision-making is a primary goal for consolidating groups. This is challenging given that radiology cases are increasing in complexity, radiologists are increasingly sub-specialized, studies are performed at many locations, and radiologists interpret for multiple sites. Workflow must be dynamically optimized for efficiency without sacrificing quality. We describe the use of novel, intelligent, centralized workflow orchestration software to provide a scalable solution to these issues and we quantify the benefits of its deployment in a large, multi-site radiology practice. The methods employed are applicable beyond radiology to other medical imaging specialties.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Discuss the need for intelligent workflow orchestration in the practice of medicine and radiology today
  • Describe the features of orchestration software
  • Demonstrate how such software enhances value
  • Illustrate the benefits of workflow orchestration in a large multi-site radiology practice


Chairman and CEO,
Renaissance Imaging Medical Associates


Physician, CMO, CMIO