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Women in Healthcare and Tech: Closing the Gap to Strategic Leadership

10:30am - 11:30am Tuesday, March 10
Orlando - Orange County Convention Center


Healthcare has a strategy-execution gap, and it’s related to gender. Although women comprise 70% of healthcare’s workforce and make 80% of healthcare-related decisions for patients and families, they are notably under-represented in shaping industry strategy. Women clearly have an outsized and critical view into the ins and outs of healthcare, but account for just 33% of senior leadership positions, only 13% of healthcare CEOs, and receive only 9.7% of investor funding for health tech startups. As the lines between healthcare and technology blur and innovation shifts the focus of care delivery and patient experience, it’s vital women’s leadership and vision help shape healthcare’s future.

This session brings together a panel of trailblazers with diverse backgrounds in healthcare and technology to discuss empowering women and closing this gap to strategic leadership. Join us as we demystify career and business growth in a male-dominated industry and hear what leadership qualities set the best leaders apart, regardless of gender.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe ways to change the course for women to achieve career growth in a male-dominated industry
  • Recognize the positive impact of how women’s leadership can help shape healthcare’s future
  • Apply strategies and techniques to empower women in leadership roles within your own organization


Chief Health Innovation Officer; Director,
TRISH; UCSF Space Health
Sr Vice President and General Manager, Fitbit Health Solutions,
Vice President,
Lyft Business
Chief Operating & Strategy Officer,


Information Management Professional