Your PHI May be Flying Out the Door

11:15am - 12:15pm Wednesday, February 13
Orlando - Orange County Convention Center


Join LRS Output Management for a HIMSS19 Lunch & Learn
When, where and how you need it  

Make time to join LRS at HIMSS 2019 to learn the ins and outs of safeguarding PHI in potentially the most unguarded and controversial environment in your IT infrastructure; print.  This coupled with the need for clinical flexibility make this a tedious and arduous task.  For instance, doctors are constantly on the move. In healthcare, location matters, especially when it comes to having access to information and the ability to print.

For example, let’s say a doctor using a laptop while making rounds and visiting patients at multiple locations had forgotten to change his default printer. The doctor realizes that patient data is sitting on a different printer now that he has moved to a different location.

If he’s using MFPsecure from LRS and utilizes pull printing, he doesn’t have to worry about changing his printer because of the location agnostic model. There is no need to worry about someone walking off with his output before he gets there. It ensures that what is printed, is only picked up by him, from the device he’s in front of currently. It doesn’t matter where you are when you print, you decide where you want to pick it up.

Controlling, compressing and encrypting assures secure printing

Documents and labels contain critical and vulnerable PHI.  So how does an organization ensure that their printing is securely locked down both electronically and on paper while allowing users to conveniently print what they need, when and where they need it?

Innovate/Audit software from LRS provides a centralized monitoring environment by enabling them to understand how, when and where documents are being printed as well as who accesses them in online form. This empowers organizations to find savings opportunities and improve compliance with corporate and governmental policies regarding data use.

When securely printing documents, it is critical to protect content where the information originates, the accessibility of the information you want to print and finally enabling the user to print the information they need.

Hear how LRS customers have used VPSX along with Innovate/Audit and how LRS acts as the ˜catching point” for everything related to printing to ensure security. In a nutshell, LRS controls, encrypts and compresses the information so it can be securely printed.

Join us for this informative session at HIMSS 2019 to learn how we are making a difference in keeping healthcare printing secure.

Presented By

Guy Tucker, Solutions Architect

David Weiner, EOM Sr. Sales Manager

Lunch and refreshments will be served.