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Leveraging Business Acumen to Help Clinicians Get IT!

10:30am - 11:30am Tuesday, February 12
Orlando - Orange County Convention Center


Balancing business, strategic, and financial acumen with clinical expertise is an area where emerging clinical leaders may be challenged in the healthcare enterprise. Application of robust business skills balanced with clinical knowledge in the context of a business project approval for a $13 million IV infusion and PCA pump replacement project at a large, IDN healthcare system will be presented from the CNIO perspective. Focus will include the importance of engagement of an inter-professional team to build a solid business case, which leveraged various data sources–clinical, financial, safety, outcomes–and strategies to build consensus and support. Techniques for monitoring and mitigating risk throughout the process will be discussed, as well as areas of focus (and barriers to such) and how these skills are vital for clinical technology leaders for future initiatives to meet patient care and organizational goals.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Apply methods learned through project examples provided to collaboratively engage clinicians in establishing channels for communication and education that strengthens financial and business acumen
  • Identify activities that clinicians and informaticists can employ to ensure assigned projects are designed to be measured according to the metrics and key outcomes that the healthcare enterprise is looking to achieve
  • Develop channels to identify opportunities for volunteering or shadowing senior executives beyond traditional manager/mentor engagements that clinicians/informaticists may utilize to gain insights into how decision-making occurs at executive levels using financial/business analysis


Chief Nursing Information Officer, Assistant Vice President,
Carolinas Healthcare System


Clinical Informaticists
IT Professional
Nurse, CNO, CNIO