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Keynote: Implementing Population Health Interventions

8:35am - 9:15am Monday, March 9
Orlando - Rosen Centre
Rosen Centre Junior Ballroom G
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In the opening keynote, Michael Dulin will provide a review of current approaches to development and implementation of population health interventions from provider, payer, and public health perspectives. He will review some of the current definitions of population health and the use of current best evidence including identification of the population and selection of appropriate interventions. As the Director of the Academy of Population Health Innovation, he will elaborate on some of the population health initiatives with an overview of the link between health disparities on SDoH and introduce the term “impactiability” and how it can apply to interventions.

At the end of the session, attendees will be able to 1) Describe the current definitions of population health from payer, provider, and public health perspectives, 2) Recognize the approaches used to define and attribute populations based on need, environment, payer, and/or provider, and 3) Understand the term “impactability” in relationship to alignment of populations to appropriate interventions.
This session is part of a special program called HIMSS20 Pop Health & SDoH. Extra fees and separate registration is required.


Director, Academy for Population Health Innovation,
University of North Carolina, Charlotte


Physician or Physician’s Assistant
Population Health Management Professional
Public Health Practitioner