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Interoperability Use Case Tour- VA

9:00am - 10:00am Thursday, March 12
Orlando - Orange County Convention Center
Hall E - Booth 8300 - VA Demonstration


Meet with 16 unique VA projects hosted in this specialty area within the Interoperability Showcase. 

Learn more about the overall Interoperability Showcase.

1.       Project Convergence

2.       Veterans Health Information Exchange

3.       Veteran User Experience

4.       Health API Innovation

5.       Disability Claim Management Transformation

6.       Applied Interoperability Standards, Clinical Quality Management

7.       Sharing is Caring: A Collaborative Approach to Interoperability

8.       BPM + for Health Care

9.       Blockchain & Provenance Improving Patient Experience

10.    Office of Connected Care

11.    Solor - The Open Source Interoperability Solution

12.    Imaging Interoperability: Medical Image Exchange @ VA

13.    Interagency Differential Dx Solution for Clinicians

14.    AI for Undiagnosed Type 2 Diabetes

15.    VA’s New EHR

16.    What’s Coming with VA EHR Modernization