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Interoperability Showcase Patient Delegation Community Hour

1:00pm - 2:00pm Tuesday, February 12
Orlando - Orange County Convention Center
Hall F 9100 | Interoperability Showcase |


The HIMSS 2019 Patient Delegation is a group of activated consumers who are coming together to amplify the voice of patients and caregivers within the HIMSS community. Most participants work in healthcare, but we are taking our work hat off and putting our patient hat on to provide a different point of view on Health IT requirements and opportunities. We are a group of individuals seeking to change the way we work with our care team, individuals concerned about the privacy of our health information, individuals who want more access to our health information, individuals caring for sick children, individuals caring for elderly parents, individuals seeking cures, individuals who want it to be easier to incorporate health information into daily living. The group will increase awareness of and focus on Heath IT Use Cases that demonstrate the needs of patients and caregivers as we interact with technology vendors, providers, payers, researchers, and public health organizations at HIMSS.

What is the HIMSS Interop Showcase?

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