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Interoperability Showcase Discovery Center: Ivenix

3:30pm - 6:30pm Wednesday, March 7
Las Vegas - Sands Convention Center
Interoperability Showcase | 11955 Discovery Center


Reducing infusion confusion: What’s next in safety, simplicity, and interoperability Presentation starts at 11am and 12pm. Today, nurses are required to be infusion pump experts to deliver medications safely. Significant time and effort is spent on setup procedures, and managing an array of buttons, dials and false alarms – time that could be better spent on productive patient care. The future can be different. Infusion delivery can be more intuitive, more efficient, and more informed. Learn what role infusion system architecture, design, and contextual interoperability play in unlocking clinical value and insights at the bedside and among downstream systems. By rethinking traditional infusion technology and workflow, infusion systems can deliver exceptional, safer care while balancing cost.