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Innovative Approaches to Person-Centric Care: Acting on Information

1:15pm - 2:00pm Tuesday, February 12
Orlando - Orange County Convention Center
Hall A | Booth 888| Personalized Health Experience


The healthcare ecosystem is continuously advancing to support collaborative, person-centric approaches to care. This session will discuss industry initiatives shaping this rapidly emerging and expanding transformation empowering consumers and care teams to better understand and target care when, where and how it is needed most. It will call attention to barriers that still exist and actionable ways to overcome them for all stakeholders to thrive by strategically leveraging health IT.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Explore new approaches and strategies to effectively activate and engage patients while simultaneously using data from clinical and non-clinical settings to better target healthcare needs
  • Discover how implementing strategies that utilize engaged patients improve overall outcomes in initiatives such as chronic care management, remote monitoring and telehealth
  • Explore the intersection of established and emerging standards and how they play a role in advancing interoperable information exchange to enable a person-centered health system
  • Assess the technical landscape and industry initiatives enabling connected health to embrace broader stakeholder groups in support of innovative approaches to healthcare


Audacious Inquiry
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