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Keynote: Connected Health and the Human Element: Creating a Better Health System in The New Mobile Age

3:40pm - 4:05pm Tuesday, March 6
Las Vegas - Venetian Convention Center
Bellini 2105/2106


As the number of older adults continues to grow, connected health technologies can help close the gap between patients and providers and enable individuals to remain vital, engaged and independent as we age. Social robots, artificial intelligence, vocal biomarkers and facial decoding will analyze emotion, anticipate health problems, improve quality of life, enable better relationships with healthcare providers, and address the neglected crisis of caregiving. So rather than deploying technologies like online communication, wearables and mobile apps in competition with human interaction, we must free up technology to do what it does well -- capture and analyze data -- and enable healthcare providers to focus on the human elements: caring, emotional intelligence and judgment. When we start using connected health technologies appropriately, we can create one-to-many care delivery models, and enhance and support human interaction between a healthcare provider and patient. The New Mobile Age, as described in Dr. Kvedar’s new book, is a busi


Vice President, Connected Health,
Partners Connected Health