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Improving the Flow of Immunization Information: IIS-EHR Interoperability

4:00pm - 5:00pm Wednesday, February 13
Orlando - Orange County Convention Center


The American Immunization Registry Association (AIRA) has developed tools and visuals to better communicate information and results of its Immunization Information System (IIS) Measurement and Improvement Initiative. This initiative complements the HIMSS Immunization Integration Project, a joint project between CDC, CNI and HIMSS to improve interoperability between IIS and Electronic Health Records (EHRs). This session presents early results and impacts of the first three years of third-party, independent testing for IIS. Demonstrating publicly that IIS are meeting standards in a validated, meaningful way, and providing support to those IIS still working toward aligning with standards strengthens and improves interoperability between public health and clinical medicine. Coordinating these efforts with the HIMSS Immunization Integration Project will further strengthen the impact of this initiative and improve data exchange throughout the nation.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Define the important components of a third-party independent testing process in assessing alignment with standards
  • Identify the value, in human and financial resources throughout the community, of a centralized testing and improvement process
  • Describe the benefits of pairing both testing and technical assistance in accelerating improvements as a result of an assessment process


Senior Technical Project Manager,
American Immunization Registry Association
MPH Policy and Planning Director,
American Immunization Registry Association


Physician, CMO, CMIO
Population Health Management Professional
Public Health Practitioner