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If You Build It, Build It Well..and Then Keep Building It!

4:00pm - 5:00pm Wednesday, February 13
Orlando - Orange County Convention Center


Acute patient care is a complex workflow which involves multiple stakeholders--physicians, nurses, and interdisciplinary providers--needing access to the most up-to-date vitals and lab work while treating patients. However, due to a buyer-focus design vs an end-user focused design, EHRs were built to satisfy the hospital system ROI instead of enhancing the clinician workflow. A lack of user-centered design has led to clinicians spending more time on administrative work than with patients, a higher rate of physician burnout and preventable errors. Recognizing the inefficiencies of relying on the EHR alone, the Penn Medicine CMIO office and Center for Health Care Innovation have built platforms to address specific pain points in clinical care from patient flow, notifications and point-of-care access to clinical data and team collaboration. This session will focus on the path taken to design, build and iterate two such applications with the goal of “user-delight."

Learning Objectives: 

  • Apply a collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach to feature development for better user-focused design
  • Evaluate the design and presentation of clinical information with the goal of improving clinical workflow
  • Identify unique challenges faced by front-line clinicians in an effort to improve patient care and reduce physician burnout
  • Recognize importance and value of being able to iterate when developing new clinical tools


Associate Professor of Medicine, UPenn; Chief Medical Officer, TrekIT Health,
University of Pennsylvania Health System
Clinical Informatics Manager,
Penn Medicine


Clinical Informaticists