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Hindsight 2020: Engagement From the Patient Perspective

3:00pm - 3:30pm Tuesday, March 10
Orlando - Orange County Convention Center


What happens when the HCIT professional becomes the patient? Laura Jantos was a partner in a management consulting firm leading its HCIT practice when a snowboarding accident left her with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and significant cognitive impairments. She has spent the past eight years trying to navigate the healthcare system in support of her own recovery efforts while struggling to use the very technology and processes she helped organizations implement. A second TBI in 2018 necessitated a new recovery journey. This time, using consulting strategies, she quantified the effort required by a person with TBI to engage with the healthcare system. Learn from her the easy fixes that every healthcare system should be making to improve patient engagement, increase revenue, achieve better outcomes, and understand opportunities for HCIT to support patients with chronic conditions that include cognitive, vestibular, sensory, and behavioral challenges.

Learning Objectives

  • Illustrate how invisible impairments, such as TBI, affect a patient’s ability to interact with the healthcare system and healthcare technology
  • Recognize how current technologies and processes enable or inhibit patients with brain injury and other cognitive impairments from successful engagement
  • Identify opportunities to improve the HCIT experience for patients through systems optimization, integration, operations enhancement, and staff training
  • Detect opportunities for innovations that streamline patient/system interaction


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