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Evolution of the Healthcare Consumer Contact Center

1:30pm - 2:30pm Tuesday, February 12
Orlando - Orange County Convention Center


Contact centers are the first stop in the consumer experience and set the tone for the entire patient encounter. They have been called gateways to better branding and increased revenue. In fact, one study found that contact centers generate an ROI of at least 3 to 1 and are an essential driver of hospital revenue, profitability and patient loyalty. Nearly 40 percent of providers have centralized their contact centers to reduce the number of calls needed to access services. While centers remain primarily divided between front-end and back-end processes, signs point to a one-touch option for patients in the future. This session will share insights from forward-thinking health systems with sophisticated contact centers built for fast, flexible responses to consumer needs. Centers streamline interactions while mining them for rich data to improve consumer engagement. Attendees will learn how to join such systems leading the industry in patient engagement and satisfaction.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Define primary roles of the revenue cycle contact center
  • Identify research-based metrics used to measure contact center performance
  • Discuss pre-registration information needed to facilitate an express check-in at admission
  • Describe technology used to monitor patient interactions in the contact center
  • Assess the role of the contact center in increasing pre-service collections


Director, Patient Access,
Moffitt Cancer Center


Consumer Groups
Healthcare Financial Professionals
Management Engineer and Process Improvement Prof.