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Evidence-Based Approaches to Innovation and Scalable Digital transformation: A Perspective from Leading Health Systems

10:00am - 11:00am Monday, March 9
Orlando - Orange County Convention Center
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The growth of digital health continues to have significantly greater impact in the care delivery setting.  Digital health solutions continue to increase in both quantity and capability. Despite significant advances, stakeholder confidence–-from patients and clinicians to payers, and regulators–-remains quite low. Stakeholders have traditionally relied on evidence-based, peer-reviewed studies to discern which interventions to use and support. The challenge is that many digital health solutions lack sufficient clinical validation, can suffer from an evidence- as well as a transformation-gap, and lack the implementation science required to make them scalable. Additionally, the role of the CIO and health system leaders have evolved to include the expectation to responsibility leverage and capitalize on digital health technological wave.  This session shares approaches to clinical validation for digital medicine, and lessons learned from real-world scalable digital medicine implementations at leading health systems.
This session is part of a special program called Digital Health Organization Symposium. Extra fees and separate registration is required.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe an overview of the new wave of digital health technologies that health systems leaders can use to support the transition to value-based care
  • Outline best practices from successful digital medicine adoption case studies that have worked across multiple different health systems
  • Identify how which digital transformation can become sustainable through a singular platform approach


Chief Innovation Officer, Medicine,
Mount Sinai Health System/Node Health
Medical Director, ITS,
Yale New Haven Health

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Information Management Professional