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Design a Model for the Delivery of Digital Health Guidance

3:00pm - 4:00pm Tuesday, February 12
Orlando - Orange County Convention Center


There are many mobile applications available today to assist healthcare consumers with tracking and monitoring their health data. However, this often necessitates managing multiple applications simultaneously. What if patients were able to interact with a single mobile application customized for multiple disease conditions and seamlessly integrated with a patient’s health record? What if patients could receive just-in-time guidance, such as medication reminders, symptom tracking and health education, to help them manage their conditions? These are the primary goals that drove the creation of an Interactive Care Plan (ICP) at Mayo Clinic. This session will outline lessons learned, best practices and optimal steps and processes required for replication and scalability of an ICP initiative within a healthcare organization.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Design processes and structures to support the design and implementation of a digital health management application within a healthcare organization
  • Assemble and engage a multidisciplinary team with the goal of translating clinical expertise into an interactive tool to promote continuity of care and patient-provider collaboration
  • Describe challenges and lessons learned for creating a health guidance application for use in multiple clinical areas


Senior Business Analyst,
Mayo Clinic
Health Systems Engineer,
Mayo Clinic


IT Professional
Management Engineer and Process Improvement Prof.
Physician, CMO, CMIO