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Design Guidelines to Ensure a Direct Path Into the EHR for IoT

2:30pm - 3:30pm Tuesday, March 6
Las Vegas - Sands Convention Center
Interoperability Showcase | 11955 Theater


"Leading this IoT movement for tele-health, tele-medicine and tele-care is the PCHAlliance who works benevolently and collaboratively with health, technology, life sciences, public policy, research and advocacy groups worldwide to make possible the necessary social change, personal health engagement, positive behavior change, digital therapeutics, healthy longevity and improved wellbeing and health outcomes. The latest example of PCHAlliance’s success and leadership is with their recent release of the Continua Design Guidelines (CDG) implementing the HL7 FHIR. Today, the CDG has completed all disease states initially envisioned for remote monitoring in 2006. These include diabetes, heart failure, hypertension, COPD, health, wellness and fitness protocols and guidelines. This represents 26 data protocols from 40 health, medical and fitness device capabilities enabling hundreds of different product types that can now be certified to the CDG – and all with a direct path to the EHR.


Vice President, Continua,
Continua at PCHAlliance