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Demystifying Interoperability, Information Blocking, and APIs: Clear Guidance on Improvement Opportunities

3:00pm - 4:00pm Tuesday, March 10
Orlando - Orange County Convention Center


The proposed rule addressing the topic of Information Blocking caught the full attention of the healthcare industry at HIMSS19. With the anticipated release of the final rule in the future, its implications relating to information blocking, and API certification criteria has providers and health IT developers preparing for how to use the ruling as a guide towards improving patient outcomes and experiences without increasing the burden on providers. As with Meaningful Use and related regulations, provider organizations will need to consider operational, technological, and patient experience solutions to implement these new requirements. This session will help explain how to determine your specific impacts and opportunities, and ways to activate solutions at scale to further enhance your current interoperability efforts. The below diverse panel will help answer some of most pressing questions and outline strategic drivers.  Genevieve Morris, Founder Integral Health Strategies and former Deputy National Coordinator for the ONC will help attendees understand what this information blocking regulation means, not just from the perspective of the regulatory language, but what it means to you as a provider. What should you expect to happen? How does it impact you directly in terms of providing patient care and how does it impact you specifically in an operational context?  Dr. Shez Partovi, Worldwide Lead, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Genomics at AWS will discuss how technologies applied rationally can help address issues of security and scale. Technology plays a huge role in this conversation but is rife with jargon, options, and promises.  How can you use currently available and soon-to-be-available technologies to address needs at scale, so you're not thinking about it in one small department but for your entire health system?  The newly announced Executive Director of CommonWell Health Alliance will walk us through some examples of how provider organizations are conducting health information exchange today, and how CommonWell members are maturing their interoperability efforts to attest to regulatory demands and evolve for the future.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify key regulatory changes around API certification and information blocking, and how they will affect your interoperability strategies
  • Describe the utilization of specific technologies that enable scaling of interoperability solutions across your organization
  • Discuss approaches to procuring and maintaining third party APIs that meet certification requirements
  • Describe examples of how providers are tackling health information exchange interoperability


Change Healthcare
Integral Health Strategies
Commonwel Health Alliance
Director, Global HCLS BD,
Amazon Web Services


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