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Data Rich, Information Poor – Breaking Barriers and Driving Innovation

10:00am - 11:00am Thursday, February 14
Orlando - Orange County Convention Center


Having the right information at the right time is essential in providing the best patient care.  In the digital age, robust data alone will not bend the cost curve unless we have the ability to seamlessly share all the health information necessary for care among patients, providers and payers.  Only if we have an interoperable health care ecosystem, will we as a society achieve the promise of value based care.  Such transformation will require a vision and commitment from the leadership.  During this session, you will hear from two CEOs from the Blue Cross Blue Shield plans on what they are doing to achieve this vision and mission.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Discuss current challenges around health information sharing across the health care ecosystem with patient at the center
  • Define key innovations and solutions necessary to advance interoperability and what leaders can do to facilitate and enable this transformation
  • Demonstrate through use cases, the potential impact of seamless information sharing in driving evidence based care and lowering costs


President and Chief Executive Officer,
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee
President & CEO,
Blue Shield of California


Clinical Informaticists