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Cyber Hygiene in Health Systems: Turning (Supply Chain) Cybersecurity into a Corporate Capability, a SCAN Health Presentation

10:45am - 11:15am Thursday, March 12
Orlando - Orange County Convention Center
Hall B - Booth 2731 - HIMSS Analytics Solutions


This presentation will profile the 2020 SCAN Health Virtual Business Case Competition focused on Cyber Hygiene and Security in Health Systems. The case is based on a real-world challenge and designed with a key health system partner in the U.S. Participating students will take the role of a consulting team advising a large health system on the development of a cybersecurity strategy that is inclusive of the supply chain. Teams will be challenged to understand the landscape of emerging cybersecurity threats as they pertain to various forms of medical devices, equipment and operational technologies and potential points of vulnerability with respect to outside partners or providers with access to mission critical and non-mission critical systems that may or may not be within the purview of the chief supply chain officer or chief information security officer (e.g. HVAC). The teams’ strategy must address the growing threat of gray markets and counterfeit products. Lastly, teams will be asked to consider whether and how a health system might monetize their newfound cyber hygiene capabilities. At the conclusion of the presentation, the competition winners will be announced.


Director of Clinical Research, Analytics,
Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Management,
Univ. of Tenn. - Haslam College of Business